How Many More 'Avatar' Movies Does James Cameron Have in Mind?

More? Oh yes. Not only are they building Avatar land at Disney's Animal Kingdom, but they're working on no less than three Avatar sequels. We've known about these plans for a while. But wait, just how much of a story does James Cameron want to tell? Possibly even more than we imagined. Our friends at HeyUGuys recently sent us a tip from a talk with composer James Horner where he actually mentions another script, for a fifth Avatar movie. Yes, you read that right – five, but it's actually not five movies, rather – Cameron has four scripts he's trying to condense into three movies. So there's really four more? This is all a bit crazy.

The new quotes come from composer James Horner in an interview after his a live performance of James Horner's score for James Cameron's Titanic, where HeyUGuys caught up with him asked about the Avatar sequels. This is where Horner let slip and revealed this interesting tidbit about four scripts in the works:

"He's got four sequels script-wise, and he's trying to make it into three. And I think that's where the effort is going right now […] how do you keep it from expanding into a fifth movie?"

As of last year, Cameron was speaking mostly about three movies – another trilogy to follow the original Avatar. "We set ourselves a challenge of writing three films at the same time," he revealed in 2014. "What we did that was unique was we sat in the writing room for five months, eight hours a day, and we worked out every beat of the story across all three films so it all connects as one, sort of, three film saga." But wait - is it really a four film saga? I'm wondering if James Cameron and his writing team came across some epic, four-film saga that – since they already said it – needs to be three films, is being condensed somehow. It could work. Especially because, right now, four more Avatar movies sounds too crazy for anyone to swallow.

We'll have to continue to keep an eye out for any more interesting updates about Avatar, but Horner also mentions Avatar 2 is mostly set underwater. So that should give you some idea of where it could develop, but who knows what kind of story there might be that would take us into five movies. So many Na'vi! So much Pandora! Maybe too much? Only time will tell. But you can't stop it, James Cameron is bringing even more Avatar into our world whether you like it or not. Tons of films, theme parks, merch galore, get ready.